We provide funding and advocacy for the Paiute Neighborhood Center and surrounding community by enhancing programming offered by a broad range of providers resulting in enriching opportunities and a strong, cohesive community

In the early 90s it became clear that the area around the former Scottsdale Elementary School, Paiute, had changed and was in need of different resources than had previously been offered in this community.

In 1994 a group of concerned citizens became Partners for Paiute to help the city and the community address the changing needs.

Today, Partners for Paiute does not provide huge blocks of funding, as do many of the organizations focused on needy communities. The organization is a small core of volunteers with significant roots in Scottsdale, working hard to fill in the gaps of funding for the agencies and organizations represented on the Paiute Community Center Campus.

Pauite Community Center Agencies

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale – Paiute Branch
The Paiute Branch provides youth development programs that support a commitment to learning, positive values, healthy habits and high expectations for success as an adult

Scottsdale Prevention Institute
Focusing on preventing substance use and abuse, while offering a broader spectrum of prevention. programming.

Hirsch Academy
Partnering with students, families, and community to provide an excellent and equitable classical education for the development of thoughtful, highly literate citizens

Keogh Health Connections
Connecting Families to Health Care

Handlebar Helpers
Handlebar Helpers is a volunteer program that teaches bike maintenance through our apprentice program and offers free bicycles for volunteerism.

City of Scottsdale Community Assistance Office
To provide a safe and diverse environment where our neighbors can come together to create a spirit of community by providing social, recreational, cultural and educational programs and services.

Maricopa County Head Start – Paiute
Head Start/Early Head Start is a comprehensive early childhood development program designed to provide education, health and social services to low income children, ages 0-5 and their families.